Dr. Abdul Ghafour Al Heeti


Anyone who dares to teach, never ceases to learn. Dr. Al Heeti is that someone.

At the Higher Institute of the University of Baghdad, Dr. Al Heeti graduated tops with a first class diploma. Soon after, he diversified his knowledge at the university’s College of the Arts. Compelled by a desire to improve the quality of educators, Dr. Al Heeti went back to school again. At the School of Education at the University of Hull, he based his PhD on improving vocational teaching standards in Iraq.

Continuing his passion for education, Dr. Al Heeti also organized and attended over a vast array of educational and teacher training courses in the UK. As a result, he is well-versed in every aspect of providing a holistic education.

Dr. Al Heeti is never far from a classroom. Over the past 44 years, he has lectured in various positions in universities across the UK, North Africa and Iraq. His courses span agriculture, the principles of education, psychology and the Arabic language. His research strategies have impacted the work behind the Department of Education at the University of Hull. Clearly, Dr. Al Heeti is adept at both teaching and managing educational institutions as demonstrated by the positions he has held, including teacher, headmaster, director and principal.

Known for his educational prowess, Dr. Al Heeti was appointed Expert for the Arabic Language by the Arab League on behalf of Ministry of Education in Senegal in 1976. In Iraq, he shaped educational standards as a member of the National Examining Board of Iraq and was an eminent member of national educational inspection team. He was also a technical affairs expert in the Iraqi Ministry of Education with responsibility for setting curricula in comprehensive and vocational schools.

A true champion of education, Dr. Al Heeti has produced and presented Iraq’s weekly series ‘Education and Development’. A prolific writer, Dr. Al Heeti’s publications include 1. Vocational Education and Development: Key Issues, with Special Reference to the Arab World (International Journal Educational Development), 2. In-service Education and Training of Vocational Schools Teachers in Iraq: a Study of Present Provision and Future Needs (University of Hull), 3. Education Progression in Iraq, and 4. Soil and Soil Reclamation.

Most recently Dr. Al Heeti continued his journey in education by writing and publishing his autobiographical book, 'Vivid Reflections on Life in Education: Half a Century in Education- Life Experiences and Hard-drawn Conclusions'.

Led by a heart for the Arab community, Dr. Al Heeti now serves as Director of Qatar Music Academy.

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