Zhivka Pesheva Renault

Western Music
Piano Teacher

Zhivka Pesheva-Renault was born in Bulgaria and started playing the piano at the age of four. At age 7 she won a scholarship at the Music Arts College ‘Christina Morphova’ in her home town of Stara Zagora.

After graduating with an International Baccalaureate in Piano Pedagogy & Performance with highest honours in 1997, Zhivka won a full scholarship at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria and went on to graduate with a Master’s degree (Honours) in Music Education & Piano. Beyond her skills in instrumental and music teaching, other focus areas included competitions, concerts and residency performances throughout her academic years. Amongst other awards, in 2001 Zhivka won a special prize at a Bach Academic Piano Competition in Plovdiv.

After travelling and performing internationally, Zhivka settled in Cambridge, UK in 2005 where she held a private Piano Teaching practice. Zhivka taught students of all levels, particularly school ages. She is also qualified in the Suzuki teaching method which focuses on early music education. She has also held teaching positions in various primary and secondary schools in Cambridge, such as the Parkside Federation Cambridge. In addition to teaching, Zhivka performed solo Piano recitals and concerts at University Colleges’ venues, Music Festivals, had been a guest of Cambridge Music Societies and local events in Cambridge.

Zhivka is currently teaching Piano at the Qatar Music Academy in Doha.

She also actively accompanies other soloists for concerts and students for ABRSM and other instrumental examinations.

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