Anna Dieterich

Western Music
Western Voice Teacher

Anna’s relationship with music began at the age of nine when, hearing Mozart’s “Queen of the night” she felt a connection to the music that compelled her decision to become a singer. Throughout her youth Anna performed in musical and opera productions, and numerous ensembles. She sang in the chamber choir Wiener Singakademie Kammerchor, which secured an award at the International A Capella competition in Corinthia.

Anna studied opera singing with Maria Loidl in Vienna, and Lied under the tutelage of acclaimed prof. Walter Moore, which engendered a fascination with Lied that remains with Anna to this day. She completed her education with success, moving on to participate in the masterclasses of Esther Salaman, Claudia Visca, and Thomas Hampson.

She debuted as Christel in the operetta Der Vogelhaendler, by C. Zeller, in a production of Junge Oper Austria. Under the direction of Robert Simma and Elena Gertcheva she was Gretel in Hansel and Gretel by E. Humperdinck, and Lauretta-Cara in Die Patin, by Robert Simma. Anna toured through Austria, Germany, and Switzerland as Bastienne in Mozart’s Bastien and Bastienne, and as Fatime in Abu Hassan, by C. M. v. Weber. Anna has contributed to many cultural projects, including assisting the National Library of Vienna in production of a CD for a prestigious exhibition.

Anna returned to her love of Lieder, performing recitals throughout Europe. She currently resides and teaches singing in Doha.

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