Maha Seif

Arab Music
Kaman Teacher

Maha Seif graduated from the Academy of Arts - Arab Music Institute, Cairo-Egypt. She studied violin with Dr. Mahmoud Osman, Saad Mohamed Hassan and Dr. Hassan Sharara. Maha worked at the Cairo Opera House in 2006 and with the Cairo Opera Orchestra with Maestro Nader Abbassi where she participated in concerts with big names like, Omar Khairat and Selim Sahab.she also participated in performances with Om Kalthoum Company with Maestro Amir Abdelmegied.

Her experiences vary between Western and Arabic music. As a member of the Cairo Opera Orchestra &  Cairo Symphony Orchestra, she played Ballets, Operas, and Symphonies. In addition, Maha was a member of the Egyptian Philharmonic Society Chamber Orchestra with Maestro Ahmed El-Saiedi and participated in many tours with the orchestra, especially in schools to spread the musical knowledge in  young children. She is currently a violin teacher with Qatar Music Academy’s Arab Department.

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